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What if I suck?

When did we decide that art had to be objectively good before it could be deemed valuable or worthwhile? What if what I make isn't considered worth anything?  What if all the practice and all the time I've put into my craft has been a waste of time? What if I suck? Am I the only one with these anxious little thoughts floating around in their mind? I deal with this type of thinking almost every day. Especially on days when I'm more prone to fall into the "comparison trap".  You know the comparison trap... It's the trap that you get caught in scrolling through social media and seeing artists in your field blowing up with likes, comments, and follows. Or hearing your friends crazy excited about another artist in your same discipline.  Other times you could just stumble across someone's work that you deem better than your work and you instantly feel it in your gut. I SUCK!! As a rapper, I feel it when I listen to J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar. As a film director,

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