What is art?

When you think of "art" what's the first thing that comes to mind? A lot of you might think of a painting. Which is no doubt 100% true. A painting is art. So is dance and music. Poems, deliciously prepped meals, jokes, books, film... Beauty. The list can go on. Art is the medium in which we express the deepest innermost parts of ourselves. To be an artist is to be completely human. 

Some have called me a multi-hyphenated artist. Which is just a coo' way of saying I do a lot of shit. As a film director/recording artist/ producer/whatever else I do or end up doing, I am drawn to the beauty of existence and everything in it.

But art doesn't have to be beautiful, does it? Not in the traditional sense. Existence isn't always beautiful. I believe that all of existence is an artist's inspiration. Oftentimes existence can be dark, ugly, scary. Other times hopeful, joyous, and full of wonder. We're inspired by all of it. And we use as much of it as we can to express things that can't always be articulated with simple words. But sometimes it can.

So what is art? Art is everything and everywhere we choose to see it.

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